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Couples who smoke marijuana together a happier lot?

Couples who smoke marijuana together a happier lot?

Couple smoking MarijuanaNew York, Aug 27 (IANS) Similar to a drinking relationship, married couples who smoke marijuana together are less likely to be engaged in domestic violence, says research.

Looking at 634 US couples over the first nine years of marriage, the study found that more frequent marijuana use by husbands and wives (two-to-three times per month or more often) predicted less frequent intimate partner…

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Brain map shows how people take aim

Brain map shows how people take aim

brainToronto, Sep 11 (IANS) Are you amazed at the success of Serena Williams who has just won her third consecutive US Open title? Along with physical strength and endurance, her success may also be due to the functioning of the brain areas which help take aim, a study suggests.

Different regions of the brain help to visually locate objects relative to one’s own body (self-centred or egocentric) and…

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True love stays forever

True love stays forever

True LoveLondon, Sep 20 (IANS) Only true love stays forever is a saying that has been proved to be true as British archeologists have unearthed skeletons of a couple holding hands while searching for a lost chapel in Leicestershire, media reports said.

The skeletal remains of the couple were locked in an embrace for the past 700 years.

“We have seen similar skeletons before from Leicester where a couple…

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Age at first drink decides alcohol addiction among teens

Age at first drink decides alcohol addiction among teens

DrinkingNew York, Sep 24 (IANS) An early onset of drinking is a risk factor for subsequent heavy drinking and negative outcomes among high school students, finds a new study.

Researchers asked 295 adolescent drinkers (163 females, 132 males) with an average age of 16 years to complete an anonymous survey about their substance use.

These self-report questions assessed age at first intoxication – for…

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Charlotte in awe of Arjun’s age-defying fitness

Charlotte in awe of Arjun’s age-defying fitness

Chennai, Oct 1 (IANS) Actress Charlotte Claire says she wants to take fitness tips from her 52-year old co-star Arjun Sarja, with whom she worked in upcoming trilingual action-drama “Jai Hind 2″.

She wants to ensure she doesn’t look older on screen with age.

“I’m amazed at Arjun’s fitness. I really want to take tips from him to find out what does he do to still look young on screen. It would also…

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Seven killed in Afghanistan suicide bombings

Seven killed in Afghanistan suicide bombings

Kabul, Oct 1 (IANS) At least nine people were killed and 19 injured Wednesday after two separate suicide bomb attacks targeted army vehicles in the capital city of Kabul.

The first attack took place at 6.20 a.m. after a suicide car bomb targeted an army bus running in front of Ghazi High School in western Kabul, killing seven and injuring 15, an army official said.

The second bombing hit an army…

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Brazilian president leads opinion poll ahead of elections

Brazilian president leads opinion poll ahead of elections

Brasilia, Oct 1 (IANS) Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff continues to lead her rivals ahead of Sunday’s presidential race, according to a polling institute, Datafolha.

Datafolha said Rousseff, who represents the Workers’ Party, had 40 percent support among voters, the same as the previous poll showed last Friday, Xinhua reported.

Third-ranked Aecio Neves rose in the poll and got closer to…

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India’s space odyssey, slice of Nagaland: Durga puja variety

India’s space odyssey, slice of Nagaland: Durga puja variety

Kolkata, Oct 1 (IANS) Twinkling rockets zooming off into space towards a reddish Mars, tribals keeping alive the unique iron craft in the backdrop of insurgency in Chhattisgarh, totems from remote Nagaland – Durga Puja marquees here are showcasing India’s strengths and potentials.
A prominent part of marquee (pandal) decorations here are use of lakhs of tiny, rainbow coloured lights, to border…

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Northeast India’s 115 years old rail track is now history

Northeast India’s 115 years old rail track is now history

Agartala/Silchar (Assam), Oct 1 (IANS) It was an emotional moment in India’s mountainous northeastern region when the train ran on the 115 years old metre gauge line of the region for the last time – and into history. The metre gauge tracks laid over a century ago are to be uprooted to make way for broad gauge.
Thousands of men and women gathered at many stations between Lumding in Assam and…

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